Common Case Material We Typically Review:
  • Complications from Urological or Urogynecological Surgery
  • Neuro-Urology- Nerve Injury to Pelvic Organs
  • Injury to Female or Male Genitalia
  • Pelvic Mesh Complications
  • Kidney Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Penile Cancer, Testis Cancer, Prostate Cancer
  • Medical Device Complications (e.g. Foley, Interstim, penile prosthesis, etc)
  • Civil Injury/Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • "Vaginal Rejuvenation" procedures
  • Criminal/Sexual Assault Cases
  • Medication Side Effects 

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Urological Surgery Involves Surgery on the Kidneys, Ureters, Prostate, Bladder, Urethra, Penis or Testis in Men, while Urogynecological Surgery Involves Repair or Reconstruction of the Female Pelvic Floor due to Prolapsing Organs or Urinary Incontinence. Neuro-Urology Complications consist of urinary or sexual dysfunction that may result from nerve injury from disc/spinal nerve compression; surgical nerve injury or positioning; stroke/traumatic brain injury, or other mechanisms. Common examples would include spinal injury leading to urinary retention or erectile dysfunction, or pelvic trauma with subsequent nerve injury to the bladder or urethra or other pelvic organs. "Vaginal Rejuvenation" complications can include vaginal burns, scarring, pain during sex, and chronic vaginal pain.

Evaluating and reviewing surgical cases present a variety of challenges. Whether you represent the Plaintiff or Defendant, you are welcomed to contact Urology & Mesh Medical Consulting, PLLC and Dr. Karlovsky for case evaluation. Dr. Karlovsky has reviewed med-mal for Plaintiff, Defense, national Insurance carriers (GEICO, MetLife), hospital risk managers, mutual insurance companies, pelvic mesh and multi-district litigation cases, sexual/genital injury, personal injury/motor vehicle accidents, criminal cases, Foley catheter and implant/device complications (stents, InterStim, artificial sphincters, penile implants). Dr. Karlovsky provides timely review of records, reports, case research, testimony at deposition or trial, and IMEs. He has been deposed and testified at trial for both Plaintiff and Defense cases. Contact Dr. Karlovsky for a same-day response. Only attorney requests for case review will be answered. No other private solicitation will be considered.


Dr Karlovsky has reviewed cases for attorneys and clients in Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon, Missouri, Michigan, Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut and Puerto Rico.


Thousands of urological and vaginal/pelvic surgeries are performed each year. Most surgery, if appropriately indicated and executed, can be successful. Yet there are times when complications may occur during execution of the surgery, patient positioning, poor surgical planning, or post-operative management, and these should be recognized and addressed in a timely fashion. Injury to Male or Female Genitalia or Urinary Tract whether from surgery, a motor vehicle accident, device implantation, or other occurrence may result in significant morbidity and possible long term difficulty with urination or sexual function.​ Traumatic injury  to nerves that affect urinary and sexual function, assessment of mechanism of injury and assessment of function and form of the genitourinary tract are critical to establishing causation, damages and any potential lifelong debility. 


A thorough case review involves, but is not limited to, assessing the diagnosis and surgical indication, surgeon training, implant or surgery selection, patient risk factors, unforeseen issues, expectations, definitions of a successful surgery, post operative care and complication management, accident reports, radiology images if available, medical and billing records, Interrogatories, depositions and reports.

Urology & Mesh Medical Consulting PLLC and Dr. Karlovsky provide seminars on assisting with malpractice and litigation avoidance.  Education and better understanding of perioperative and surgical planning benefits patients and physicians. Our standard seminar reviews common Negligence and Standard of Care concepts, Informed Consent, Informed Refusal, Disclosures, and Documentation Pitfalls. This seminar may benefit: residency training programs; private physician groups;  physician societies; insurance malpractice carriers who may wish to lower risk or potential claims among their insured physicians.


  • Expert Opinion/Witness

  • Desposition/Trial Testimony

  • Independent Medical Exams / Case Review

  • Medical Board Complaint Review

  • 2nd Opinion Office Evalutions of Complications

  • Plaintiff/Defense

  • Educational Seminars on Malpractice/Litigation Avoidance;  Pelvic Mesh, FDA Bulletins, Mesh Complications Management

  • Evolving Concepts of Informed Consent & Informed Refusal

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